Services and Education Packages

Services & Education Packages

Services cover a wide range of services from consulting, training, workshops, curriculum and program development, facilitation, mentorship and more, offered through collaborative evaluation and assessment to design and implement the most effective and suitable solutions required for each unique group.


  • Trauma-Aware Education Programming
  • Special Education Advocacy/Programming
  • Mental Health Curriculum Development
  • Needs Assessment and Facilitated Implementation of Recommendations
  • Leadership and Administration Mentoring
  • Personal and Corporate Coaching/Life Mapping
  • Peer Mentorship
    – Frontline Workers (police, fire, paramedics, support staff)
    – Education Workers (principals, vice principals, teachers, support staff)
  • Stress Education and Mindful Management
  • Routine Wellbeing Debriefings
  • File/Case Review Supports and Supervision


  • Frontline Workers: Law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics, all support services, medical staff, etc.
    • Impacts of Stress and Trauma on Self and for Those Around You
    • Stress Response System
    • Triggers and De-escalation
    • State-Dependant Functioning and Self-Regulation
    • Proactive Communication Skills
    • Conflict and Confrontation Skills
    • More…
  • Leadership: Directors, employers, managers, supervisors, etc.
    • Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace
    • Trauma-informed and Trauma- responsive workplaces/systems
    • Ownership and Responsibility
    • Psychological Safety
    • Communication and Conflict Styles
    • Reflective Leadership
    • More…
  • Sport Mental Health and Leadership: Coaches, teams, and families of players, etc.
    • Stigma of Mental Health in Sports
    • Stress and Performance in Sports
    • Motivation and Personality
    • More…
  • Additional topics:

    • Impacts of Trauma on Brain Development

    • Learning Styles

    • Effective Caregiving

    • Living with Grief

    • Befriending Death

    • Adverse Childhood Experiences and How to Shift Outcomes

    • Optimal Learning Environments

    • Many more…

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Services and Education Packages

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