About Us


REACH was designed as a response to trauma viewed through a distinctive, holistic lens with deep and intentional focuses on intervention, education, and care. REACH’S qualified individuals respond in emergency situations, design custom programs and interventions, facilitate the implementation of those programs and interventions, and provide rehabilitative education on comprehensive care models in the mental health field, through a variety of training formats.


Rehabilitation • Education • Advocacy • Community • Health


to bring back the lost skills, functionality, courage, integrity, self-worth, harmony, and hope to individuals, families, and communities so they might feel and find purpose and value in participating actively in life around them, with the ability to positively and confidently contribute to the life of others


to create compassion, respect, honesty, inclusion, bravery, motivation, ownership, accountability and ability to understand what trauma and adversity has caused in their life, creating a platform for resilience and dignity in facing the struggles to overcome


to stand in solidarity with those who are traumatized and oppressed by the adverse experience life has brought, by providing a support system that promotes and sustains resilience and positive-growth to withstand adversity and challenge


to create a culture of respect, honour, dignity, and courage that will not only understand the effects of trauma and challenge in people’s lives, but will accept others who face it by providing spaces, platforms, supports, and conversations for groups to not only survive but overcome and support one another


to foster synergy through diversity of experience(s) and personal journeys, which teach acceptance and depth of understanding mental health challenges, affects, symptoms, choices, and pathways forward by compassionate teaching, caring, culturally sensitive, and creative options

Directors / Consultants

Courtney P Anderson

Chief Operating Officer, Director, Consultant

Courtney is formerly a Special Education Teacher and Family Case Manager for learning and behaviour assistance. She has spent the last 5 years developing cutting-edge programs in the fields of neurodevelopment, childhood trauma, complex developmental trauma, identity-based conflict, generational trauma, neglect and poverty, and emotion therapy, through extensive research and pilot studies. Her extensive work in global child rights, human security and cultural sensitivity while serving for 13yrs overseas with orphans, vulnerable children, severely impoverished, internally displaced persons, and foreign armed forces, has affirmed her belief and passion that healing must recognize the ‘whole’ person. Courtney believes strongly in using a holistic approach across all domains that are created specifically, and through collaboration, for each person, family, group, and community in need. She is an inspiring leader who steers others by walking with them on their path of learning and healing. Courtney’s goal is to help people learn and understand how various traumas have impacted their lives; their heart, brain, body, mind, and soul, and has been vicariously carried forward impacting every moment of life. She aspires to help people gain self-leadership and choices over their path forward into healing and rehabilitation. Courtney sees the pain in people, but also recognises their possibilities. Courtney seeks to ignite the resiliency that is already living inside one each of us.

*Courtney is a Teacher focused in Special Education and Learning Assistance for children with behavioural challenges, trauma-related subjects such as the Fear/Stress-Response System, Attachment Theory and Adverse Childhood Experience’s (ACE’s).  She is a Trauma Assessment Therapist, Trauma Intervention Responder, Critical Incident Responder and Scene Manager, Psychological First-Aid Assessor, Therapeutic Web Developer, Curriculum Developer, and brings experience in various Child Therapies, and Emotion ID/Regulation.

*Courtney is a certified CISM Leader (Critical Incident Stress Management), and certified in Assisting Individuals in Crisis as well as Assisting Groups in Crisis.

*Courtney is certified in River of Life: Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention.

*Courtney currently holds a student membership with the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association and in process of completing her Masters of Education in School Counseling and clinical hours to become a Registered Clinical Counselor.

The ChildTrauma Academy acknowledges that Courtney P Anderson has completed NMT Training Certification through the Phase I level.


Catherine Anderson

Director, Consultant

Cat has been involved in the field of education for more than 25 years, first as a homeschooling mom of four. In beginning a business as a Private Educational Consultant, she has spent years working with middle/high school youth struggle with behaviour and learning challenges. Cat has served in West Africa for 11yrs in the field of humanitarian aid, assisting in IEP development, curriculum design and implementation for therapeutic modalities to meet the needs presented. Cat believes academic education can’t be successful when physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain remains unaddressed and un-reconciled, believing we are complex creatures us humans, and healing is a journey, as is life. In working with vulnerable children and adults who are oppressed and marginalized, Cat saw the need for more holistic approaches to healing. Her credo is: “Be peace…Do justice”. She advocates for global human security rights which address meeting the fundamental necessities of life first, then moving forward to address emotional and spiritual needs; the outcome presenting a truer, longer-lasting health that carries us through the present and future storms of life.  Cat is experienced in addressing generational trauma, neglect, sexual abuse, suicide and domestic violence, with love, compassion and kindness. Cat provides a nurturing space in which clients can ask honest questions in the event of tragic experiences, assisting them to live at peace within the present moment no matter the suffering; some circumstances in life are unavoidable and unsolicited. Cat offers to journey with you as you reconcile pain, grief and loss and move forward.  When requested, she uses her fluffy hypo-allergenic pup, Tipper, to bring unconditional affection, comfort and smiles into a session. REACH is happy to offer her services as a facilitator of spiritual healing and growth in the face of trauma and hurt.

*Cat is a Spiritual Director and Facilitator, a Private Education Consultant focused in Special Education and Learning Assistance, Trauma Intervention Responder, Critical Incident Responder and Scene Manager, Psychological First-Aid Assessor, Therapeutic Web Implementation Manager, Curriculum Developer with experience in various Child Therapies, and Emotion ID/Regulation.

*Cat is a certified CISM Leader (Critical Incident Stress Management), and certified in Assisting Individuals in Crisis as well as Assisting Groups in Crisis.

*Cat is certified in Suicide Awareness: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention for Crisis Responders.


Steve Anderson

Director, Consultant

Steve sees life as an invitation and wants you to also.  He has 25 years teaching experience and rocks the world of the high school students in his psychology program daily. He has a post-graduate degree in Curriculum Development and Administration.  Steve created and implements a peer support/human services program in the educational district because he believes building healthy relationships at the individual and community levels promotes life-long learning and successful futures.  Building resilience into children and young adults is the best insurance against lifestyles of addiction, cycles of abuse, crime, or suicide and its resulting traumas.   Steve, a professional drummer/percussionist of over 40 years, supports the role that drum rhythms can play in the process of release, restoration, and healing for ourselves and others. Drum circles and active participation through volunteerism, goal-setting and a working collaboration with clients, helps them to better themselves and the community at large.  Steve believes in forming connections with youth and families, supporting them on their journeys to health and wholeness. He is committed to education and action by facilitating a client’s development of personal standards, gifting and talents.  He excels at leadership training and mentoring in goal setting, skill acquisition and vocational/career path planning.

*Steve is a Teacher focused in Psychology, trauma-related subjects such as Adverse Childhood Experience’s (ACE’s), Leadership, Career Planning, Drum Circle/Rhythms, Life Mapping, Work Experience, and Business Set-up. Steve is a Trauma Intervention Responder, Critical Incident Responder and Scene Manager, Psychological First-Aid Assessor, Curriculum Developer, and young adult Mentor with extensive experience in counseling for relationship, family, abuse, suicidal situations.

*Steve is a certified CISM Peer Counsellor (Critical Incident Stress Management), and certified in Assisting Individuals in Crisis as well as Assisting Groups in Crisis.


O.J. Joe Ogmundson

Director, Consultant

Joe knows that people will experience trauma, stress, and difficulty throughout their lives and helping educate and equip others to deal with all of life’s events has been his life passion.  Helping people, groups and communities to become safer, stronger and whole, has been a passion in his life.

Joe’s focus is education; his goal is to strengthen clients to the point where they do not need him, strengthened to become the positive influence in the lives of others, an influence they may have lacked in their own lives.  His therapeutic approach is Adlerian in training, but his practice is integrative and eclectic. Joe’s educational background includes Teacher Training at Simon Fraser University, Individual and Family Counselling studies at University of British Columbia, and Coaching Studies at University of Victoria.  He has more than thirty years’ experience as a teacher, counsellor, union administration (in a variety of executive positions including President), and is a member of the Chilliwack Sports Hall of Fame as a coach. He has worked in education at all levels, from Kindergarten to Masters level, including Alternate Education and Distributed Online Learning.  Joe has worked for the Ministry of Children and Family Development (also once known as Ministry of Social Services) as an Intake Worker, Adoptions worker and carried files in Family Support and Foster Care.  He has been trained in Violent Threat Assessment, is a certified Online Counsellor, having expertise in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation.  Joe regularly presents to multi-aged groups on a variety of social and psychological themes and has been a regular presenter to the Criminal Justice Program and the Education Faculty at the University of the Fraser Valley.

*Joe is a School Counselor, Career Counselor, Grief Counselor, and Family Counselor. He is trained in Threat Assessment, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation. Joe is a seasoned Athletics Coach and Peer Counselor, with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the areas Union Administration and Alternative Education.


Josh Daley

Director, Secretary, Consultant

Josh has been involved in the field of education for over 13 years as a high school science and socials teacher, special education teacher and mental health supporter, and administrator. He is well versed in curriculum development, initiation of new programs and all areas of special education from IEP creation/management to designated special needs children and behaviourally challenged youth. Josh is a visible leader who takes time to check in with each student he has worked with, showing sincere concern for their life situations and finding ways to make their learning experience positive and hopeful. He has had a genuine impact on the students, families, and the co-worker teams he has served. Josh is a passionate advocate for exceptional students having spent the past 14 years serving and caring for them in various settings. Josh knows that it takes vision, teamwork, compassion, patience and persistence to help those who are marginalized and he has made it a personal objective to see that no one gets left behind. His passion is to advocate for those who cannot find their own voice, and to support them in finding the courage, healing, and self-worth to begin writing their own stories. Josh is an expert Hockey and Athletics Coach, having served as coach for teams such as the Vancouver Thunderbirds, North Vancouver Storm and Nova Scotia Bantam Elks AAA. He finds great joy in working with these young men on and off the ice, not only to develop their game skills, but to develop into socially aware and responsibly citizens who contribute to their families and communities. Josh is a charismatic personality who brings laughter and joy to every environment, he has the ability to ease tension and build peace. Josh adheres to the words of the great Carl Rogers who thought that life is in fact a process – a state of being – and not a destination. Each story matters, and it is Josh’s hope to come alongside those needing mentorship and support, helping them recover their identity and hope for a better future.

*Josh is a Teacher focused in Special Education and Alternative Programming, Career Planning, IEP Development and Implementation, and Work Experience. He is a Level B Assessor and Psychological First Aid Assessor.  Josh is a Trauma Intervention Responder, Critical Incident Responder and Scene Manager, and youth/young adult Mentor with extensive experience in counseling for relationship challenges, family, abuse, and suicidal and drug use situations. Josh is a Hockey and Athletics Coach.

*Josh is a certified CISM Peer Counsellor (Critical Incident Stress Management), and certified in Assisting Individuals in Crisis as well as Assisting Groups in Crisis.

*Josh is certified in Suicide Awareness: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention for Crisis Responders.


Dr. Temitayo Sodipo

Advising Consultant

Child and Youth Psychiatrist

Dr. Sodipo is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada and a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom. It is the belief that Dr. Sodipo has in preventative medicare systems, that has driven his desire to care for children and adolescents. Dr. Sodipo’s goal is to ensure quality mental healthcare for the younger generation, leading to a greater and healthier tomorrow.