About Us


REACH was designed as a response to trauma viewed through a distinctive, holistic lens with deep and intentional focuses on intervention, education, and care. REACH’S qualified individuals respond in emergency situations, design custom programs and interventions, facilitate the implementation of those programs and interventions, and provide rehabilitative education on comprehensive care models in the mental health field.


Rehabilitation • Education • Advocacy • Community • Health


to bring back the lost skills, functionality, courage, integrity, self-worth, harmony, and hope to individuals, families, and communities so they might feel and find purpose and value in participating actively in life around them, with the ability to positively and confidently contribute to the life of others


to create compassion, respect, honesty, inclusion, bravery, motivation, ownership, accountability and ability to understand what trauma and adversity has caused in their life, creating a platform for resilience and dignity in facing the struggles to overcome


to stand in solidarity with those who are traumatized and oppressed by the adverse experience life has brought, by providing a support system that promotes and sustains resilience and positive-growth to withstand adversity and challenge


to create a culture of respect, honour, dignity, and courage that will not only understand the effects of trauma and challenge in people’s lives, but will accept others who face it by providing spaces, platforms, supports, and conversations for groups to not only survive but overcome and support one another


to foster synergy through diversity of experience(s) and personal journeys, which teach acceptance and depth of understanding mental health challenges, affects, symptoms, choices, and pathways forward by compassionate teaching, caring, culturally sensitive, and creative options